Proudly Made In the USA

Turino Sisal

The Turino Sisal Fusion Collection perfectly complements light living room colors. The brown herringbone design contrasts with natural nail details and bright orange accents. The pleated roll arm ensures a timeless traditional design, while the Revolution Performance Fabric keeps this living room sofa set free from stains, wear, and tear.

With low padded arms and a deep cushioned seat, relaxing on a piece from the Studio Linen Fusion Collection is like floating on a cloud. The soft white fabric finish completes the heavenly feel of this designer furniture without compromising on practicality, thanks to the stain-resistant Revolution Performance Fabric made in the USA.

With a complete range of pieces, the Shadowfax Dove Fusion Collection allows you to seat all your friends and family in style. This black and white sofa set offers rich cushioning and a traditional profile for reliable comfort. Meanwhile, the bold plaid and intricate floral fabric designs add the striking touch you would expect from modern designer furniture.

The Tampa Ice Fusion Collection is the perfect match for your modern home furnishings. Combining floral designs with classic plaid, this designer furniture will help you bring a touch of whimsical glamor to your living space. The eye-catching blue color and sleek side profile ensures you can enjoy style and comfort in equal measures as you unwind.

The Bates Charcoal Fusion Collection offers the perfect centerpiece for a traditional living room space. With its timeless gray-blue color and natural nail details, this designer furniture is sure to complement any classic interior style. What’s more, this living room sofa set can comfortably seat gatherings of family and friends thanks to its generous size.

The Maxwell Gray Dijon Fusion Collection is a stunning modern living room set. With a bold combination of dark gray, black, and yellow, this sofa is designed to be the centerpiece of an exciting and contemporary living space. The yellow and gray accent chair will add an extra modern pop to your home and is guaranteed to turn the heads of all your guests.

The Barnabas Mushroom Fusion Collection strikes the perfect balance between designer furniture style and traditional comfort. This gray living room set features a rich textured fabric and a classic pleated roll arm. No matter whether you want to create a relaxing safe haven or a stylish living room space, this Fusion sofa set will meet all your needs and more.

Looking for classic living room inspiration? Look no further than the Romero Sterling Fusion Collection. This herringbone gray sofa set features natural nails, a pleated roll arm, and eye-catching goldenrod accents. The traditional design is combined with innovative Revolution Performance Fabric, which ensures your pieces stay clean and stain-free.

For a living room sofa set that instills pure relaxation and timeless design, look no further than the Carys Doe Fusion Collection. Soft, neutral fabric combines with subtle patterning for a charming aesthetic. What’s more, the pleated roll arm and natural nails of this designer furniture add a classic touch that will work well in any traditional-style home.

For the definition of a modern living room set, take one look at the Quince Coal Fusion Collection. This gray living room set combines simplicity and style for a truly contemporary look. The sleek lines, narrow tapered legs, and abstract fabric patterns create the ideal designer furniture for trendy city apartments and hip living room interiors alike.