Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Fusion Furniture

+ Can I purchase an item directly from Fusion Furniture?

Fusion Furniture does not currently sell directly to consumers. Our products may be purchased from Fusion Furniture authorized retailers and specific online retailers.

+ Can Fusion Furniture provide me with pricing information?

Fusion Furniture does not establish retail price points for our products. The Fusion Furniture authorized retailer determines their own advertised, quoted and printed pricing.

+ Are ALL Fusion Furniture products located on the website?

Yes. Fusion Furniture is constantly adding and removing products to keep the website as up-to-date as possible.

+ Where can I find a Fusion Furniture retailer near me?

You can find a retailer in your area by using our retail store locator here. You can also search for Fusion Furniture online.

+ Can I find your furniture on other websites?

Our retailers often use Fusion Furniture on their websites. Search for Fusion Furniture online.

+ Can I get a product catalog?

All product information is available on

+ Can I supply my own fabric when ordering Fusion Furniture?

Fusion Furniture is not able to manufacture furniture using the customer’s own fabric.

+ How can I order repair parts, pillows, cut fabric?

Replacement parts and accessories can be ordered by your retailer. They will need the product serial number.

+ How can I see or order fabric samples?

Your Fusion Furniture authorized retailer will have fabric swatches available for you to view.

+ I want to buy a particular piece of furniture, but the store near me says they do not have it. What do I do?

We cannot access the inventory of our authorized Fusion Furniture retailers, but your local retailer should be happy to locate the piece you are looking for.

Warranty & Repairs

+ What is the warranty on my furniture?

You can view our warranty information by clicking here.

+ Do I still get a factory warranty if I purchase furniture second hand, on clearance or "as is" from a retailer?

The warranty is valid only to the original purchaser if sold by an authorized Fusion Furniture retailer. Products sold “as is” do not carry a factory warranty.

+ The furniture I ordered arrived with damage. What should I do next?

Please contact your Fusion Furniture retailer immediately for resolution.

+ My retailer offers an "extended warranty". Should I purchase?

Fusion Furniture does not offer a factory extended warranty. However, many of our retailers do offer an extended store warranty. Contact your retailer to inquire about extended warranties and how they work.

+ I need to purchase fabric to match my furniture for repair or accent pieces. How do I go about purchasing Fusion Furniture fabric?

Your local Fusion Furniture retailer can check the availability of your fabric and place an order for you.

+ How do I file a warranty claim?

Contact the Fusion Furniture retailer where your furniture was purchased as soon as possible. Report any defects along with proof of purchase. Your retailer will determine if the needed repair is covered under the warranty and make arrangements for you.

+ Can I order repair or replacement parts?

Replacement parts are available to order from the retailer from whom you purchased your furniture. In the event the retailer is no longer able to provide parts, you can use the Contact Us link on our website.

+ The store I bought my furniture from isn’t there anymore. Who do I contact if I have a problem with my furniture?

You can contact any Fusion Furniture authorized retailer for warranty assistance. Please be prepared to provide your original purchase receipt.

+ If my furniture needs service, and I move or do not have access to my dealer, who should I contact?

If your retailer is not able to provide service, you may want to contact a local third party furniture repair company in your area. Most can be located in the yellow pages or by simple web-search. Fusion Furniture does not maintain a listing of third party repair companies all across the county and is unable to facilitate home repairs or issue local service requests.

+ The dealer is charging me with Labor to repair my furniture. Isn’t this covered under my lifetime warranty?

Fusion Furniture will honor reasonable and customary labor charges for a period of one year from the original date of sale for the purpose of repair or replacing warranty parts. Warranty service should be performed by your authorized Fusion Furniture dealer. Please review the Fusion Furniture Warranty for more information.

+ The fabric on my Fusion Furniture has tiny fuzz balls. What are they and how can I get rid of them?

“Pilling” refers to those little fuzz balls that collect on the surface of many woven and knit fabrics. It occurs when loose fiber ends escape from their yarn or thread twist. As fabrics experience abrasion through normal wear and use, these loose ends get bound together. Due to the strength of most fabric fibers, these pills are unable to break away from the fabric itself and collect on the surface of the fabric. This is normal and should be expected with some fabrics.

+ Who should I contact with concerns or questions about my Fusion Furniture?

You first need to contact your local Fusion Furniture dealer to answer your concerns. If your inquiry was not satisfied, your dealer can contact the factory for additional information.

+ How can I order pillows or cut fabric?

Accessories are available to be ordered through our authorized retailers. They will need the serial number of your piece of furniture to order. They will also be able to provide the cost and shipping details.

Operation, Care, & Cleaning

+ How do I clean and care for my fabric or leather furniture?

The cleaning of covers will depend on the type of fabric or leather. Contact your retailer for details about your specific cover. You may also want to inquire about a professional cleaning service for types of cleaners that will not harm your fabric.

+ Does Fusion Furniture offer re-upholstery service, or can you refer me to a re-upholstery company?

Fusion Furniture does not offer re-upholstery services, nor do we provide recommendations of local providers. Please contact your local retailer for assistance.

+ What is fabric pilling and how do I remove it?

Pilling is characteristic of many fabrics and is caused by excess fiber coming off the fabric surface. This excess fiber forms small balls or “pills” on the fabric. The best way to remove pilling is with a furniture or sweater shaver. Pilling is not warranted by Fusion Furniture and is a normal characteristic of many fabrics. It is not considered a defect.

+ How do I select the right fabric for my home?

Your Fusion Furniture authorized retailer will have a thorough knowledge of the types of covers offered. They will be happy to assist you in choosing a fabric that will be a perfect fit for your home.

Order Status

+ Where is your furniture made?

Fusion Furniture is made in the USA! For more information about our company, visit our About Us page.

+ Who should I contact to determine the status of my furniture order?

All contact or inquiries regarding your furniture purchase should be through your retailer.

+ When will my furniture be delivered?

Delivery times may vary. Contact your retailer for details.

+ What if after I receive my new furniture, I decide it does not coordinate with my home decor as well as I thought it would? May I exchange it?

We suggest you verify your retailer’s return policies prior to your purchase. Any exchanges must be handled by your retailer.

+ Where can I find the dimensions of a piece of furniture?

Dimensions for all our products can be found at your local retailer, as well as on the Products page of the Fusion Furniture website.

+ What if my item(s) does not look like what I saw online or in the store?

Contact the retailer from which you purchased the item(s) as soon as possible.

For additional questions and information, please visit our customer service page or contact us directly.

Find a Retailer

Independent retailers display differing selections of Fusion furniture. Fusion is represented by many independent retailers throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

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