Holiday decorating ideas

7 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

November 21, 2019

The holidays are upon us and your head might be spinning with all of the things on your to-do list. From shopping for gifts to prepping for holiday parties, there is much to be done. While decorating your home might have been a huge task in past years, here are 7 easy and simple holiday decorating ideas that’ll add festive flair in a flash.

Tinker with Tableware

One easy way to start adding festive flare to your home is with tableware. It’s time to bring out any glasses, plates, and silverware with holiday designs or colors. If you don’t have any holiday-decorated tableware, go for a more understated look with colors that reflect the season like blue, gold, and red.

Candles and holiday decorations

Candlestick Glow Up

If you have candlesticks or candles in general, take the time to switch them to holiday colors. You’d be amazed at the “glow up” of the room when your candles match the season. To take it to another level of style, you can even match the candles with the table runner and linens to establish a color theme. Holiday trends have certainly changed over the decades and color themes now include a wide variety of colors. From green, blue, and silver to teal, white, and cranberry, you can establish a theme that matches your personality and preferences.

Holiday decorations on mantle

All Around Accents

Decorating every room of the house is a task that only a brave few want to take on, but there is a shortcut that adds just the right amount of holiday cheer in minutes. Instead of throwing up as many decorations as you can find, simply accent each room with garlands, evergreen boughs, mistletoe, wreaths, and pinecones. The list of ways you can do this is endless, but here are a few examples:

  •  In the bedroom, add a vase of boughs with a couple small ornaments.

  • Adorn light fixtures in any room with garlands and mistletoe to give it some extra pizazz.

  • Hang an iconic holiday wreath on your front door to give a warm welcome to guests. You can also place them above the fireplace or in a window.

Woman wrapping gifts

Presents Galore

While the image of having dozens of presents tucked under the Christmas tree is a sight we all love to see, spare a few presents (or wrap some fake presents) and place them in key areas within your home. For example, line your stairway with a few beautifully wrapped gifts, or cluster them on either side at the base. Nothing says Christmas like shiny presents (that you already have to begin with), so this is a great way to knock out two birds with one stone.

Camera and photo albums

Make it Personal

The holidays are a special time for family and friends, so having reminders of this throughout your home is precious and festive. Use special mementoes like photos and artwork as living room Christmas decorations. A quick DIY idea for the mantle is a family photo collage decoration. Clip family photos from past to present on a piece of twine and hang it between two vases. You can add small snowflakes, ornaments, or candy canes along the twine to give it that extra festive touch.

Silver candles

Shimmer & Sparkle

With your festive holiday candles already in place, embellish them with mercury glass, silver, and mirrors. When placed together, these decor items look gorgeous against soft candlelight and create a magical shimmer throughout the room. A great place to incorporate this is on your mantelpiece. Add in your decorative pieces of mercury glass, sprinkle in some silver, and voila!

Holiday bedding

Wintry Bed & Bath

Last but not least, a holiday decorating idea you can use throughout your home is matching your bedding and bathrooms to the season. Wintertime calls for warmer, cozier bedding to begin with, so why not make it festive with colors and designs that reflect the holidays? Similarly, the bathroom is a highly used space that can follow the wintry theme with a couple easy changes. There are a few different ways you can apply this idea throughout your home, depending on how much time and money you want to spend. Here are a few:

  • Replace your comforters, blankets, pillow cases, and decorative pillows with more festive options in the bedroom

  • Keep it simple and add a couple holiday throw over blankets along with seasonal decorative pillows in the living room

  • In the bathroom, even subtle details like towels, washcloths, and rugs can be switched out to bring out some flare

  • Dish towels and floor mats are a great way to add that fun holiday spirit while you’re cooking in the kitchen

After you’ve finished transforming your home into a warm and festive space with these holiday decorating ideas, learn how to store your decorations more easily with these tips.

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