Proudly Made In the USA

Studio Linen

With low padded arms and a deep cushioned seat, relaxing on a piece from the Studio Linen Fusion Collection is like floating on a cloud. The soft white fabric finish completes the heavenly feel of this designer furniture without compromising on practicality, thanks to the stain-resistant Revolution Performance Fabric made in the USA.

With a complete range of pieces, the Shadowfax Dove Fusion Collection allows you to seat all your friends and family in style. This black and white sofa set offers rich cushioning and a traditional profile for reliable comfort. Meanwhile, the bold plaid and intricate floral fabric designs add the striking touch you would expect from modern designer furniture.

The Tampa Ice Fusion Collection is the perfect match for your modern home furnishings. Combining floral designs with classic plaid, this designer furniture will help you bring a touch of whimsical glamor to your living space. The eye-catching blue color and sleek side profile ensures you can enjoy style and comfort in equal measures as you unwind.

The Handwoven Slate Fusion Collection offers out-of-this-world comfort without sacrificing an inch of style. This Fusion sectional features gel-wrapped cushions, so you can sink into the coziest seating you’ve ever experienced. Meanwhile, the gray patterned fabric gives a distinctive touch to this eye-catching designer furniture set.

With so many versatile pieces, the Homecoming Stone Fusion Collection can be customized to any space. This light gray living room set is ideal for entertainers and families alike, thanks to its welcoming style and durable Revolution Performance Fabric. The soft upholstery is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and sourced and woven in the USA.

Infuse modern southwest decor into your home with the Raymour Ash Fusion collection. Geometric patterns in triangular and checkerboard designs combine with natural earth tones to create a soothing Fusion furniture sectional. A variety of available pieces allow this collection to blend into any room for all sorts of occasions. 

The Monroe Ash Fusion collection defines sophisticated designer furniture with its striking color scheme and sleek style. Plush, light gray fabric is enhanced with bright accent shades of orange, white, and polka dot patterning. This low-profile collection comes with a multitude of available pieces that make it customizable to any space.

Say goodbye to furniture stains with the Treaty Linen living room sofa set. This modern-style Fusion collection is made with cleanable Revolution Performance fabric that lasts for years. Deep seats with low-padded arms and an earthy color palette of oranges, blues, and cream come together for a sophisticated and sumptuous design.

Check contemporary design off of your requirements list because the Braxton Ivory Fusion collection is just that—contemporary. Muted colors, recessed arms, and abstract accent patterns create a modern art piece that is as comfortable as it is eye catching. A variety of configuration choices allow this soft designer furniture to blend into any room.

Drift away into sweet bliss with the Awesome Oatmeal Fusion collection. This three seater, living room sofa set is made of Revolution Performance fabric in hues of cream, dark blue, and light blue. A blend of striped and floral prints combine with a custom “Grateful” Kidney pillow to complete the elegant ensemble.