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12 Best Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

February 25, 2020

With the new year just beginning, we’re on the lookout for the hottest interior design trends to keep our homes stylish and up-to-date. From small accents to bigger kitchen makeovers, these are the 12 best kitchen design trends of 2020.

12 Best Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

1. Crafty & Concealed Storage

Forget showcasing cute little cookie jars and fruit bowls, our first kitchen design trend is minimalistic with concealed storage. Not only is your kitchenware out of sight, but the storage spots are cleverly hidden within sleek cabinet doors that blend into the space.

Open shelving against kitchen back splash

2. Signature Shelving

If concealed storage isn’t your favorite, this kitchen design style is meant for you. It focuses on contrast and practicality by incorporating open shelving against your backsplash. While the contrasting element is great for drawing attention to your backsplash, this trend also allows for more storage and decor. Bowls, pictures, or plants are just a few items you can use to fill up the shelves.

Kitchen design style with pop of color

3. Pops of Color

While bright colors may seem like an intimidating kitchen design trend to try, 2020 is your time to shine. Pops of color are a great way to brighten up your kitchen and give it some personality. Start with a couple of colorful chairs for the island and once you feel comfortable, purchase vibrant appliances too.

Kitchen design style with wood

4. Wood Galore

Wood is another popular kitchen design style we’ll be seeing this year, as it truly is a timeless trend. This material is perfect for those that want to feel in tune with nature as it creates a calm and light environment.

Hexagon-shaped kitchen back splash

5. Bold Backsplash

While rectangular subway tiles are the usual go-to for a backsplash, it’s time to branch out with unique patterns and shapes. Hexagon, herrington, and floral designs are just some ideas that can make your kitchen transform from ordinary to distinctive.

Kitchen with hanging pendant lights

6. Light It Up

Many kitchen design trends require a substantial budget and time frame, but this kitchen design style is a much simpler option that goes a long way. Swapping out your light fixtures or installing under-cabinet lighting can modernize your kitchen in a flash. In 2020, statement light fixtures like hanging pendants will be something to look out for.

Kitchen with double islands

7. Double Islands

Although this kitchen design trend is on the list for 2020, you can’t ever go wrong with more counter space and seating areas. Having two islands helps make your kitchen more functional. You can use one island for meal preparation and the other for serving and gathering. Add in sinks on both and washing the dishes just got a whole lot easier!

Kitchen with warm and natural tones

8. Warm & Cozy

Instead of cold and metallic, think warm and natural for this kitchen design style. By decorating your space with soft-colored countertops (like honed quartz), tumbled stone floors, and wood cabinetry, you’ll create a warm kitchen you’ll want to spend more time in.

Kitchen design trend with technology

9. Transcend Into Technology 

As we start the new decade, technology remains king and that means in your kitchen as well. If you’re lucky enough to have a high budget, jumpstart your kitchen into the digital age with this kitchen design trend. You can invest in Wifi-enabled espresso machines and modern wine fridges that excel in efficiency and convenience.

Kitchen with larder cupboards

10. Larder Love

Larder cupboards (also known as pantry cupboards) have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and in 2020, they are a must-have item. This kitchen design style is not only trendy and modern, it’s also a smart way to organize your food in one place. You can skip the extra wall cabinets and enjoy more free wall space to do whatever you want with. Why not put up a bold backsplash or hang your favorite art piece!

Gold kitchen sink and tap

11. Gold and Glam

When you walk into a kitchen, you see the islands, cabinets, and big appliances first, but 2020 is all about paying attention to the smaller details. Sinks and taps are coming into focus this year and we’re going crazy for gold. Gold sinks and matching taps are the kitchen addition that will elevate your design into a stylish and modern statement.

Kitchen cabinets with no handles

12. Bye Bye Handles

Much like Trend #1, this kitchen design style follows the minimalist theme with handleless cabinets and cupboards. Push-open cabinets are the next best thing because they help create a seamless, flowing space that appears sleek and modern. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to handles, an easy alternative is recessed handles. They have the same sleek style and you can even choose materials and colors to create a striking contrast.

And that’s a wrap on the 12 best kitchen design trends of 2020! Whether you want subtle, modern touches or a complete kitchen overhaul, these kitchen design styles are your ticket to transforming your space into a magazine-worthy masterpiece. After you tackle the design, take a look at our ideas for organizing your kitchen.

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