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Top 10 DIY Pet Crafts

February 18, 2020

Our pets fill our lives with happiness, so there’s no better feeling than treating them with your own unique pet crafts. Whether you’re looking for fun DIY dog toys to save some pennies or personalized cat accessories to improve your kitty’s lifestyle, there’s something for every pet owner in this top 10 DIY projects for pets.

10 DIY Pet Crafts

1. DIY Dog Toys from T-shirts

Do you have a ton of old t-shirts lying around in one of your drawers? Instead of letting them collect dust, try making some DIY dog toys. By braiding together strips of t-shirt fabric, you can quickly create a colorful chew toy. This tutorial includes two braiding patterns to choose from, so you’ll be a whiz at pet crafts when you’re done.

2. Cat Litter Station

There’s simply no way around it. If you have a cat, you also need to have a litter tray. Fortunately, there are DIY pet crafts that conceal where your cat goes to the bathroom while giving them the VIP treatment. This DIY cat litter station uses an inexpensive cabinet with two sections. All you need to do is cut out a couple of entryways and your cat can access their litter tray and reduce the amount of dirt they walk around your home. If your cat still gets a stain on your furniture, we’ve got a handy guide for dealing with it.

Homemade dog treats shaped like bones

3. Homemade Dog Treats

Most dogs just love to eat but how can we make sure our pets get the most nutritious snacks? The answer is to make our own dog treats with kitchen-themed pet crafts! These easy-to-make apple crisp crackers allow your dog to enjoy a healthy dose of fiber and vitamin C in the form of a delicious treat. Just be sure to remove all the seeds from the apples you use, as they can be harmful to dogs.

4. Cat Window Seat

If you know your cat, you know how much they enjoy sunbathing and birdwatching. With this DIY project, you can easily make them the perfect window perch. Get your hands on a shallow basket, a comfortable cushion, and heavy-duty suction cups. Then, choose a sunny window to set up the seat. Once you’re done, you’ll have a hard time getting your kitty to sit anywhere else in the house.

Rabbit sitting on cushion

5. Sweater Pet Bed

Searching for easy DIY projects for pets? Look no further than this cute sweater bed for your cat, dog, or bunny. All you need is an old sweater, a pillow, and a baby blanket to create a snuggly spot that reminds your pet of you when you’re not around. If you already have a sweater that your pet likes to cuddle up on, that’s even better.

6. DIY Pet Stairs

As our pets get older, it becomes more difficult for them to jump up onto higher surfaces. Of course, that shouldn’t put an end to cuddles in bed and on the couch. This simple pet staircase takes only a few hours and less than $30 to make. It’s a great way to try your hand at woodworking while providing your pet with a helpful leg up. Cats, dogs, and house bunnies alike will love how easy it is to get to their favorite spots.

Cat playing with toy

7. DIY Cat Toys from Socks

Playful cats are big fans of colorful toys with interesting textures and sounds. There are so many different DIY cat toys you can make, but our top pick requires nothing more than an odd sock and crinkled packing paper. This is one of the best pet crafts to work on with a young child, who will really enjoy creating a fish-shaped toy out of these everyday items. You can put your finished toy on the end of a string and add ribbons, feathers, and bells to make playtime extra fun.

8. Scratch Board Solution

Your cat needs a spot to scratch their claws; and this usually goes one of two ways. Either you sacrifice your furniture or you buy a scrappy-looking cardboard scratchpad. Well, now there’s a third option with this stylish framed scratch board. Use a sturdy frame and a patterned door mat to create an attractive scratch board solution that matches your decor. Of all the pet crafts, this may just be the easiest one and it could save a ton of destruction.

9. Personalized Pet Name Tag

Creating a custom name tag for your pet doesn’t just show them how much you love them. These adorable tags make your dog or cat look even cuter, and they couldn’t be easier to make. Take a small piece of leather and use a stencil to cut out a shape like a circle, heart, or bone. You can easily find a metal letterpress at your local craft store or even among your crafting supplies. Once you’ve added your pet’s name, simply punch a hole in the name tag and add a finishing spray. Your pet will be proud to add this craft to their collar.

Dog sitting inside dog house

10. DIY Dog House

A wooden dog house will look fantastic in your yard while offering your dog plenty of shade in the summer and warmth in the winter. This structure may take a little bit longer to put together than other pet crafts, but it isn’t too difficult. Designed for small to medium-sized dogs, this dog house can be made from a single sheet of quality plywood. Paint the dog house as creatively as you like, just be sure to use a stain that’s low in VOCs for your dog’s safety.

And there you have it, our top 10 pet crafts for a fun weekend with your favorite animal. Most of these DIY projects for pets use everyday items so there’s no reason not to get started right away. Your pets are sure to love the results! Check out these woodworking projects for more DIY fun.

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