Storing holiday decorations

Streamlined Storage: 14 Clever Ways to Store Your Holiday Decorations

December 29, 2020

The holiday season is over and sadly, it’s time to pack away decorations until next year. From ornaments to festive home decor, it can be quite frustrating trying to find space to store everything. Follow along and discover clever Christmas storage ideas that not only save space, but keep your decorations neat and tidy!

Holiday storage idea for ornaments

Christmas Storage Ideas: Ornaments

1. Apple Cartons

Need an incentive to include more fruit in your diet? Besides the obvious health benefits, apple cartons are a creative way to store your tree ornaments. Pack away lots of small ornaments or save room for the bigger ones you can’t find a spot for anywhere else.

2. Drink Holders

Before you throw away drink holders from Starbucks or McDonalds, think about using them for organizing your holiday decorations. Yes, it may seem a little odd, but reusable drink holders are sturdy and a cost effective way to hold your ornaments. Stack them in your plastic bins or boxes and protect them from getting crushed!

3. Resealable Plastic Bags

While plastic bags may not be the most protective, they are a helpful holiday storage idea that tidy up your tree ornaments without taking up lots of space. Separate them out by color, type, or size and look forward to an easy clean up next year!

4. Party Cups

Have leftover party cups in your cupboards? Think about using them when putting away Christmas decorations. For best use, make sure you have some dividers to separate each stack in your storage bin. Cardboard is a good option. Simply place one or multiple ornaments in each cup and line the cups on the divider like a tray.

5. Bins with Dividers

If you don’t have any household items that double as storage and would rather spend a little money to better organize your decorations, a clear plastic bin with built-in dividers is a must! Clear bins are the best option because you can easily see what’s inside.

Artificial Christmas tree

Christmas Storage Ideas: Artificial Christmas Trees

6. Concrete Tube Forms

This Christmas storage idea is definitely unique, but worth the try if you don’t have a convenient way to store your artificial tree. Concrete tube forms can be found at any home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Place your tree inside the tube and roll it anywhere you have the space. Under your bed, in the garage, or up in the attic are just a few good spots.

7. Drop Cloth Wraps

Believe it or not, that old drop cloth sitting in your garage can be recycled into a handy wrap for your tree! Depending on how tall it is, you may need to buy a couple of additional cloths. Once you have them, disassemble your tree and wrap up each piece. This holiday storage idea is ideal because it keeps the shape of your tree pristine and prevents it from getting dirty.

8. Shrink Wrap

For a space-efficient idea, consider shrink wrapping your artificial Christmas tree. This is a smart solution if your home doesn’t have a lot of extra space and you need to condense your tree down as much as possible. Wrap it up tight and help restore its shape next year by fluffing out the branches.

Holiday wrapping paper

Christmas Storage Ideas: Gift Wrapping

9. Garment Bags

Not sure what to do with rolls upon rolls of wrapping paper? Put one of your old garment bags to use by placing your wrapping paper rolls inside. This Christmas storage idea is easy peasy and gives you the chance to neatly tuck away the wrapping paper in your closet.

10. Magazine Racks

For smaller gift bags, take advantage of magazine racks. Simply place your gift bags inside and take your organization even further by labeling the rack “Holiday.” Use this idea for every type of event and your days of searching for the right style of bag are over.

11. Shoe Boxes

Organizing holiday decorations comes down to even the tiniest details like ribbon, bows, and fabric. Tie up the loose ends and create a neat stockpile by placing these items in a shoe box. Get yourself some bonus points by organizing the assortment by color as well.

Strand of Christmas lights

Christmas Storage Ideas: Lights

12. Sheets of Cardboard

Whether you’re putting away indoor or outdoor lights, sheets of cardboard are a go-to holiday storage idea that you’ve got to try! Cut small divots along the edges of the cardboard to keep the lights in place and wrap away.

13. Coffee Cans

Recycle your coffee cans and use them as a clever organization idea for your string lights. Cut an “X” in the plastic top and stick the plug through to keep the strand secure. Label each strand with its proper location (tree, door, roof) and you’re all set.

14. Storage Reels

Creating a makeshift storage item for your Christmas lights can save money, but there are always store-bought storage reels too. Spool organizers or storage reels aren’t too expensive and are a smart investment if you’re looking for something that will last for years.

Putting away Christmas decorations is never fun, but using these clever holiday storage ideas will make the process much more organized and neat. Spend a little more time packing up in order to spend a lot less time decorating next holiday season! If you’re looking for more ways to organize your home, check out our user’s guide to Feng Shui design.

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