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Create Mirror Magic with These 6 Styling Tips

August 19, 2021

If you’re looking for accent decor that far outshines the rest, mirrors are one of the best options out there. Mirrors have the ability to brighten up your space, make it appear larger than it actually is, and of course, add flair to your home’s interior design style. 

While it may seem obvious how to decorate with mirrors, there is some strategy involved if you want to maximize the power of reflection. Create mirror magic in your home by following our mirror tips!

1. Focus on Natural Light

Similarly to placement, this mirror tip is all about reflection and how it can work to your benefit. Mirrors are ideal for homes with very little natural light because they have the ability to reflect sunlight shining into your home.

In order to fully maximize your home’s natural light, place your mirrors adjacent to windows. This will allow your mirror to catch light at the perfect angle and bounce it throughout the room. Keep in mind that the bigger your mirror is, the brighter your space will be.

Traditional home decor mirror

2. Consider Mirror Placement

Unlike other decor pieces like a clock or framed artwork, mirrors don’t necessarily need to be hung at eye level. The perfect placement for your mirrors can vary because you should always consider what the mirror will be reflecting. For example, it may look perfect above your sofa, but does your mirror reflect a blemish or some sort of unattractive feature on the opposing wall?

Try your best to place your mirror in a spot where it reflects something visually appealing so that it not only enhances your wall space, but emphasizes other beautiful parts of your home as well. 

3. Incorporate Your Interior Design Style

Home decor mirrors come in every type of interior design style like modern, farmhouse, and bohemian—it all just depends on the frame. When you’re shopping for mirrors, pay close attention to the frame and decide whether that particular mirror matches your home’s design theme. If you aren’t too sure, do a little research on mirror trends for your chosen theme.

Use the opportunity to find mirrors that make a statement and accentuate your design style, rather than distract from it. A mullioned window mirror, for example, is ideal for a farmhouse-style home.

4. Create a Focal Point

While small to medium-sized mirrors are common and get the job done, don’t be afraid to go bold and make your mirror a focal point within your space. Opt for a larger sized mirror and place it within a central part of the room to help create a focal point. Placing a stunning mirror above a mantle or sofa is always a great idea.

You can also opt for a gallery wall by decorating with multiple mirrors. Gallery walls with mirrors look best in rooms with little to no clutter. 

Large floor mirror

5. Go Bigger for a Dramatic Effect

Go big or go home! If you want to see obvious effects after decorating with home decor mirrors, opt for larger sizes. Big mirrors capture more natural light and dramatically brighten your space. The larger the mirror, the larger your space will appear too. This is because mirrors create depth within a room and give the illusion of more space.

6. Follow Proper Hanging Guidelines

When you hang your mirrors, it’s important to use the proper tools to ensure a stable and secure hold. Put away your box of nails and head to the store to grab wall hooks or picture hangers. Use two (one at either end) to make sure your mirror rests flat against the wall.

One measly nail or a wire hung on a single hook can cause the mirror to rest against the wall at an angle, which completely distorts the reflection you’re trying to achieve. Not only that, it can be very dangerous because the mirror has a higher chance of falling.

Follow these mirror tips and your home should look brighter and bigger in no time! For more ideas on how to lighten up your space, check out these summer interior design trends

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