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9 Interior Design Themes to Follow in 2021

Just as soon as the interior design trends of 2020 took off, the design world just as quickly shifted its focus to a new set of trendy interior design themes for 2021. From color schemes and types of materials to conceptual designs, here are some of the top 2021 design trends to keep an eye on this year.

Ground Yourself with Earthy Tones

With so much time spent at home nowadays, it only makes sense that your space would focus on a comfortable and serene design. In 2021, expect to see a natural theme with warm and welcoming earthy tones of deep red, warm green, golden yellow, rust, and muddy brown. 

This earthy palette brings a vibrancy to any home while ensuring that you and your guests feel relaxed and at ease.

Incorporate Feng Shui Design

Even though Feng Shui has been around for centuries, this ancient design concept has only just recently made its way to the U.S. in the past few decades. 

Through specific colors, home decor items, and strategic arrangements, Feng Shui aims to create balance and harmony within your home. If you’re looking for a little more flow and harmony in your life, this 2021 design trend is definitely worth a shot!

Houseplants as 2021 design trend

Go for Greenery

You may be thinking, “Wait a minute… Wasn’t this a theme in 2020?” Why yes, it was. Although houseplants aren’t a foreign concept, their ability to withstand the test of time (which is a challenge in the interior design realm) shows just how fashionable they really are. 

Not only are plants a fresh and chic decor item to include in any home, they offer value when it comes to eco-friendly design. They help to purify your space and cleanse it of harmful toxins. 

Whether you go for a boho look with macramé plant hangers or opt for a modern plant decor, it’s easy to find greenery that fits your home’s overall style.

Make Sustainability Stylish

Sustainability is one of the most prevalent discussions today, so it’s not surprising that it has made its way into the interior design realm. Rather than simply recycling and avoiding plastic, a major interior design theme in 2021 will be sustainable decor. 

Multifunctional furniture, as well as furniture that guarantees longevity and durability will be a pattern across households. You can start including this trend into your home with sustainably-sourced materials, energy-efficient methods, and other eco-friendly design ideas.

Choose Maximalism

Instead of having a few trendy home decor pieces to tie together a minimalist look, opt for maximalism as your 2021 design trend. Personalize your space with memorable, sentimental items that help your home tell a story of who you are. These personal items can be anything from a couch to an art piece.

Layering old with new is another aspect of the maximalist theme. While you fill your space with vintage decor from days gone by, don’t forget to strike a balance with modern touches as well. 

Modern home with pool and patio

Create a Multi-Functional Yard

As you do your research, you may notice a common thread with 2021 design trends—many of them reflect the state of the country at the moment. With the pandemic creating a new at-home lifestyle, households are being forced to become multi-functional in more ways than one. 

With less opportunity to find entertainment away from home, curating a backyard that is both pleasing to the eye and fun to lounge in is essential. For that reason, beautiful and functional gardens will see a spike in popularity in the new year. Along with that, swimming pools, patios for entertaining, and greenhouses will most likely see a rise in use.

Design a Cozy Cottage

When you think about cottages, you probably think cozy, quaint, and comfortable. That’s exactly what this interior design theme is all about. Create your very own cottage with vintage prints and motifs, a pastel color palette, and subtle touches of glamor with gold accessories and gilded mirrors. 

The goal of the cottagecore design concept is to create a space that brings a touch of nostalgia and lots of comfort, which is exactly what’s needed if you find yourself at home more often.

Pull from Global Inspiration

A yearning to travel and see far off places is the key driver behind this 2021 design trend. With many travel plans canceled, it’s predicted that lots of homes are going to be pulling from global inspiration to travel across the world without leaving the safety of home. 

Calming color palettes, warm tones, and natural textures are a few conceptual ideas to follow if you prefer a more subtle theme. Tropical leaves, florals, and bright colors are another option for a more bold interior design style.

Home office with trendy home decor

Make the Home Office a Focal Point

Working from home was and continues to be a major trend in the working world today, which is why an emphasis on the home office is going to be big in 2021. 

Veer away from the corporate vibe of black foam chairs and neutral colors to instead build a creative space that induces thought. Artwork, patterned wallpaper, a desk light, and a stylish work chair can take your home office from boring to stunning.

Whether you’re using the new year as an excuse to give your home a makeover or you simply love keeping up with the hottest trends, these interior design themes are a good place to start. If you choose to reinvent your home office, make sure to combine style with functionality by taking a look at your home office ergonomics checklist!

Does your home have a spare room just waiting to be filled? If you have kids that own more toys and trinkets than you know what to do with, it may be worth the time and effort to invest in a playroom. Make your kids’ dreams come true by creating a room for fun and creativity with these playroom design ideas!

Install a Wall Chalkboard

Tired of cleaning up your kids’ wall drawings that shouldn’t be there in the first place? Give them the creative outlet they’ve been craving with a wall chalkboard. You can easily create DIY chalkboard walls yourself or hire a professional to do the job for you. Whichever way you choose to do it, you and your little ones will love the finished product!

Include a Dress-Up Corner

Whether you’re looking to design a boy playroom or girl playroom, you can’t go wrong with including a dress-up corner. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild by including a few decor items like a metal hanging rack, hooks, storage baskets, and of course, a mirror.

Watch them transform into their favorite characters from books or movies. To make the dress-up experience even more thrilling, think about creating a makeshift stage for their performances. With some lumber and basic carpentry skills, you can create a DIY stage on your own.

Kids’ craft table in playroom

Add a Kid’s Table

Beyond just playing with toys, a playroom can be used for other creative activities like crafts, card games, reading, and tea time. Incorporating a small table is a quick and easy playroom design idea that will pay off for years to come.

Consider buying a round one to avoid potential accidents with sharp corners. You can also size up a bit to account for growth spurts over time!

Hang a Ceiling Swing

Who says swings only belong outside? Bring the excitement of outdoor play inside your home with one or two ceiling swings that will undoubtedly be a hit with your little ones. This fun playroom idea comes in handy all year round, but especially during the cold winter months when the kids are cooped up in the house and need to release some energy.

Nap space in kids playroom

Create a Nap Time Space

With hours of playtime comes tired little ones. If you don’t mind moving nap time out of the bedroom every once in a while, try this fun playroom idea. Create a cool nap time space with a daybed or a bundle of blankets and pillows. Nestle it up in the corner of the room and maybe even hang a sign officially naming that spot the “Nap Time Zone.”

Having a special place for napping in your kids’ beloved new playroom might just pay off tenfold. Rather than fighting the idea of taking a nap, the kiddos may fall in love with it because they get to sleep in their favorite room of the house.

Save Room for a Reading Nook

One of the biggest playroom design ideas to remember is that the space can be used for more than just play. Your home’s playroom can double as a classroom when you save one corner for a reading nook.

Create a learning environment that the kids are actually thrilled to be in by decorating the nook with fun books, pretty wall art, and comfy seating. If you have lots of space, you can add in a small table for the kids to work on school assignments.

Slip in a Small Slide

If you have little ones running around your house, chances are they would fall in love with an indoor slide. Add a small slide to your playroom for hours of giggles and entertainment. If you feel like going all out, you can include a ball pit at the bottom of the slide for another fun surprise.

Playroom with toy cubbies

Organize with Toy Cubbies

While it may be tempting to simply toss all of the toys into the playroom and call it a day, there are lots of storage options to keep the room more tidy and organized. Invest in toy cubbies to store all of your kiddos’ favorite toys and avoid the pain of stepping on them when you walk in the door.

For an even cuter touch, personalize each toy cubby for every one of your kids by adding their name or initials. Not only will this make each of them feel special, it will also give them the chance to be responsible for putting their toys back into their designated spot.

Think Vertically

When you start brainstorming ways to design your kids’ playroom, think vertically. You want them to have as much space as possible to play and placing everything on the floor clutters the room quite quickly. Whenever possible, use the walls for storage and decor. Floating shelves are a chic and simple solution for holding books, pictures, and other small toys.

Keep the most necessary items close to the ground for the kids to easily reach, while making use of tall and sleek furniture to house more decorative pieces.

No matter if you’re creating a room for girls or boys, these playroom design ideas are exactly what you need for a touch of organization and a bunch of imaginative fun. In the case that you’re expecting another bundle of joy in the near future, gather more DIY inspiration with the top 8 nursery trends for your little miracle.

As the days get shorter and winter temperatures chill the air, there’s no better time to give your home a cozy makeover. While pricey renovations have their benefits, there are also simple and affordable interior design ideas that turn your space into a gorgeous winter retreat. Cuddle up in comfort and entertain in style by incorporating these winter decor ideas into every room of your home!

Snuggly Textiles

Nothing screams “winter home” more than luxurious textiles you can cuddle up in on a cold winter night. Start with the necessities like warm flannel sheets for your beds and then work your way to the accessories.

Knitted poufs and chunky cable-knits are a cozy interior design trend popular this season. You can easily incorporate it into your space by tossing throw blankets across your beds and couches. Take things a step further with a faux fur stool or faux fur blankets draped around your furnishings as well.

Once you’ve laid out your snuggly winter decor, don’t forget about the floor. Adding rugs is another easy way to elevate your space and create a warm atmosphere. Opt for sheepskin or wool rugs that are a great addition to your bedroom. They feel heavenly on your feet and absorb the heat in your home. You can also place durable outdoor sisal rugs in high traffic areas because they’re easy to clean and stylish!

Winter interior design with mirrors

Shimmery Mirrors

Transform your home from a dark winter cave to a bright, shimmery retreat by hanging mirrors throughout each room. You would be surprised how much light is reflected from a couple gold-gilded mirrors on the wall!

Not only are mirrors an eye-catching winter interior design trend, they are also a creative way to make your space feel more open and look more spacious.

Portable Fireplaces

Having a giant, built-in fireplace is the dream during snowy days at home, but it may not be the reality for you and your family. That’s where portable fireplaces come into play. Bring the warmth of fire into your living room this season by investing in an affordable fireplace that matches your winter decor preferences. Choose from sleek and modern, traditional, stand alone, wall-mounted, and many other options to suit your interior design style.

One of the nicest features of these electric fireplaces is that you can change settings and control temperature right from your seat. Most come with remotes for your convenience. Place the electric fireplace up against your wall or closer to your sofas and enjoy a cozy night by the fire!

Illuminating Metallics

Just as mirrors work magic when it comes to bouncing and reflecting light, so do metallic winter decor items. Dress up your home with a wide variety of metallic accessories like lamps, wall art, sculptures, and even decorative candle holders. Along with providing illumination for your home, metallics in different finishes display a unique and beautiful design contrast that brings interest to your space!

Winter interior design with candles

Glowing Candlelight

The inviting scent of candles mixed with their warm glow make them an irresistible winter decor item wonderful for any home. Light up the shadows of your space and channel all of the cozy vibes of the season with candles of all shapes and sizes.

Go for traditional votive candles (the ones in glass containers) or spice it up a bit by using taper candles in crystal holders. Keep it seasonal with sweet and spicy aromas like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, rosewood, and orange.

Warm Wood

If you’re looking for other stylish and budget-friendly ideas on how to make your living room feel cozy, incorporating natural elements is always a good idea. Wood and winter go hand-in-hand, which is why it prevails as one of the most loved interior design trends.

Including wood elements inside your home helps to create a warming effect while acting as a natural insulator. Try a reclaimed wood art piece, wooden side table, or a simple basket with cut fire logs.

Cozy Lighting

Switching up your lighting is a simple and inexpensive idea for a cozy interior design during the chilly winter months. Sit back and relax in a soothing environment by upgrading your lighting with warm-light LED bulbs that produce much softer light. You can also add dimmer switches to existing outlets to control the brightness of lighting throughout the day.

Other creative winter interior design ideas for lighting include salt lamps, colored glass lamps, and lighter lamp shades made of paper or linen.

Giving your home a winter facelift is as easy and affordable as you need it to be with these winter decor solutions. Bundle up and enjoy the season in style and comfort by creating a space full of your favorite winter interior design trends that perfectly complement your taste! For more inspiration on how to lighten up your home during dark and gloomy days, check out how to brighten a dark room.

With the first major holiday of the season over, it’s now time to transition our homes from Halloween to Thanksgiving. From store-bought items like fall flowers and faux gourds to DIY crafts, there are countless ways to bring the joy of the season into your home. Use these Thanksgiving decor ideas to keep your home feeling festive all November long!

Thanksgiving Decor Inspiration

Festive Fireplace Mantle

Your fireplace mantle is one of the focal points of your home, so make sure it stands out at Thanksgiving with a lush garland. Use greens, pine cones, and vibrant oranges to dress it up. Gold-gilded candle holders can frame the garland and give it an added seasonal touch.

Harvest Happy Hour

With Turkey Day comes a host of parties and celebrations. Be ready for the occasion by transforming an ordinary bar cart or at-home bar into the go-to spot for harvest happy hour. A vase of fall leaves, warm candles, a copper bowl with bright apples, and of course, a festive cocktail mix come together to create a homey bar full of Thanksgiving decor.

Feather Centerpiece

Stray from the traditional and go for a modern Thanksgiving decor style with an elegant feather centerpiece. Pheasant feathers, gold-speckled pine cones, beige candles, and white pumpkins are all you need for this look. If you feel like taking your centerpiece a step further, get cozy with a faux fur table runner in white or other neutral colors that accent your feathers. Just be sure to keep the centerpiece safely spaced away from the food and drinks to avoid stains.

Velvet pumpkins for Thanksgiving decor

Velvet Pumpkins

For another touch of contemporary design, incorporate velvet pumpkins into your home. Be bold and mix in a variety of warm colors like emerald green, mustard, brown, and red to transform your space into a sophisticated and unique Thanksgiving haven.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

If you aren’t too comfortable with mixing and matching multiple colors, it’s time to simplify your Thanksgiving decor and go with a monochromatic color scheme. Your home can be just as fall-inspired with a single color contrasted in different tints and shades. Pick your favorite Thanksgiving color like a deep maroon or classic orange, and compile various decor items in similar shades to bring interest to any arrangement.

Thanksgiving DIY Crafts

Floral Door Decor

Remember that Turkey Day spirit starts right at your doorstep. Give your home the welcoming vibe it needs for fall with this simple floral door arrangement. Dried flowers, foliages, twine, and ribbon are the main supplies for this trendy piece. The wonderful part about this Thanksgiving DIY craft is that you have the freedom to gather supplies like leaves and pine cones right from your yard. You can even hang up your own flowers to dry for a sentimental touch.

Cinnamon Stick Place Cards

It’s all in the details. After you’ve established your overall Thanksgiving decor theme, it’s time to hone in on the small accents that make the experience personal and one of a kind. These cinnamon stick place cards are the sweetest touch for guests at your dinner party. Simply place each name card in the natural crevice of a cinnamon stick and wrap the ends with twine. The sentiment and smell of warm spices will have your guests grinning ear to ear.

Berry bottles for Thanksgiving decor

Berry Bottle Display

For a rustic aesthetic, collect glass bottles in earthy tones of gold and green and fill them with decorative fall foliage. Branches of berries in classic Thanksgiving shades of orange, red, and yellow are a delicate and stylish addition to window sills in your kitchen and living room. You can also fill the bottles with other foliage like leaves, flowers, and wheat for contrast.

Thankful Tree

While all of the decorating and food prep is exciting, it’s important to keep in mind what this holiday is really about — family and gratitude. Help celebrate the meaning of Thanksgiving by creating a beautiful Thankful Tree. A decorative tree, ornaments, and lots of thankful messages from guests and family members are the key ingredients to making this memorable keepsake come to life.

Layered Candle Holder

Candles and Thanksgiving go together like turkey and stuffing. Give your candles a distinct touch by brightening up your candle holders with pretty colors and varying textures. In this Thanksgiving DIY craft, use clear glass cylinder vases and layer the inside of them with corn kernels, burgundy cocksomb celosia, orange bittersweet, pale green dried hops, and brown oak leaves. Top off the layers with your pumpkin spice candle and you have a gorgeous centerpiece for your mantle or dinner table.

Decorating for Turkey Day doesn’t have to be an elaborate process that empties your wallet. Try these simple Thanksgiving decor ideas and save room for all of the delicious food and quality time the holiday has to offer. For more festive inspiration, fall in love with these 9 fall decor trends.

After arranging all of the major pieces of furniture inside your home, there are always those awkward empty spaces left over that you don’t know quite what to do with. Rather than leave them bare, follow these corner decor ideas for inspiration on how to style these nooks and crannies.

Corner Decor Ideas

Floating Shelves

Need extra space for framed photos, vases, and books? Floating shelves are not only a great storage solution, but they are also a hot decor trend in the interior design world. Add them to your empty spaces and you’ve got yourself stylish shelves for your living room corners or even your bedroom.

Tiny Office Nook

Not every home has the square footage for an office room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a small office nook. If the location is fitting, transform your empty space into a workstation by setting up a desk and chair. Try to match the style of the room so that the nook adds to the decor of the space rather than detracts from it.

Stylish Storage Pieces

This corner decor idea is a must if you find yourself with so much stuff you don’t know what to do with it all. Combine function and style by incorporating small chest drawers, armoires, sideboards, and console tables into the empty corners of your rooms. These furnishings give you both a beautiful display and a place to store your household items.

Bookcase for corner decor

Studious Bookcase

Put those old books to use by showing them off in your very own bookcase. Go as big or small as you want to create a colorful decor piece for almost any corner in your home. You can even mix in other decorative items like flowers and photos to give the shelving more character.

Sophisticated Bar Cart

You don’t need an at-home bar to display your collection of wines and spirits. Grab your liquor and glasses from the kitchen cabinet and show them off on a stylish bar cart that easily fits into a tight corner. Next time you celebrate happy hour, entertaining will be a breeze!

Additional Closet Space

Who said clothing needs to be put away in drawers and walk-in closets? Exposed closets are all the rage right now and they give you the chance to turn your clothes into a fashionable decor piece. All you need for this bedroom corner idea is a clothing rack and your wardrobe to create a fun and functional addition to your space.

Kids’ Play Corner

Give your kids the play area they’ve been begging for by designating that corner space as an enchanting playhouse. Use easy-to-remove washi tape to create the outline of a playhouse on the walls and install a few shelves within it to hold some of their favorite toys. This gives them the creative space to play, while also taking up as little room as possible.

Gallery wall for corner decor idea

DIY Gallery Wall

You don’t need to go to an art museum to enjoy a gallery experience. Bring conversation starters to your living room corner by curating your own DIY gallery wall with framed prints or paintings. This can turn an ordinary wall corner into the focal point of a room with little to no cost.

Artwork Display

In addition to a gallery wall, you can get in tune with your artistic side by dressing up corners with other types of artwork like sculptures and ceramics. Don’t be afraid to bring in abstract pieces or art of different mediums because they can bring interest and contrast that your run-of-the-mill photos do not.

Gorgeous Greenery

The houseplant trend is in full bloom and it just so happens to be another creative corner decor idea. Find corners of your home near natural light and entwine them with any plant you think you have the time and desire to care for — or go for faux plants instead! Whether you feel like being bold with large-leaf plants or prefer a unique hanging terrarium, the finished product is sure to bring new life to your space.

Luminous Lighting

Layered lighting is one of the golden principles of interior design, and chances are, if you have empty corners that need filling, lighting is the perfect solution. Before deciding on the type of lighting you want, consider the area it will be in and the function it will serve.

Floor lamps are great for living room corners, pendant lights are best for illumination of art, and table lamps do wonders for decorative side tables.

Decorative screen for corner decor

Decorative Screen

Does your home have high ceilings? Room separating screens are a great addition to your space because they’re known for complementing homes with high walls. Not only do they emphasize the impressive height of your ceilings, they also decorate your walls without you even touching them.

Keep in mind that screens are corner decor best used in larger rooms because they take up quite a bit of space.

Window Seat

Take advantage of natural light by creating a cozy seat where your window touches the corner of the room. An upholstered bench and some comfy throw pillows are all you need to transform an everyday window into a nook for reading and drinking coffee.

Statement Furnishings

When in doubt, furnish it out! Sometimes the simplest solutions to the empty corner dilemma reside in a statement piece. Which kind of statement piece you choose depends entirely on how much space you have. For a larger room, you may want to consider a sofa, bench, or side table. For tinier spaces, downsize a bit by including a statement chair or accent table topped with a decorative lamp.

To find a stylish piece of furniture that livens up your corner decor, take a look at our eye-catching collections.

Looking at the same home decor for months or years can get a little bland and boring. While it’s nice to be able to go out and buy brand new furnishings, that’s not always doable when you’re on a budget. However, a little creativity and brainstorming can help you save money and freshen up your space without breaking the bank. Bring new life to your home by following these 15 ways to decorate with what you have!

Frame Family Pictures

Every home should have at least some sentimental decor and family pictures are a perfect option. Whether you have pictures sitting around or need to go get them developed, gather up a few favorites and frame them. Framed photos can transform an ordinary living room wall into a beautiful collage that tells a story. If you need a little inspiration, read our guide on how and where to hang wall art.

Repaint Furniture

Feel like your furniture is getting pretty stale? This budget-friendly decorating idea is sure to liven up any dresser or bookshelf. Simply add a fresh coat of paint to any wooden furniture piece and you’ll be shocked at the transformation. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try choosing a bright color or something out of the ordinary to shake things up.

Switch Out Pillow Covers

Pillows often get overlooked when you’re thinking of ways to decorate with what you have, but they’re a hidden gem you don’t want to miss. Rather than going to the store to buy new ones, try replacing them with a different pillow cover. This will save you lots of money (especially if you’re changing quite a few pillows), while also bringing a stylish accent to every room.

Try a DIY Bar

Having a bar inside your house comes in handy when you have parties, but can cost a pretty penny if you go the whole nine yards. Instead, you can decorate with what you have and create a DIY bar that’ll work just as great for happy hour.

Look around your home and gather up a table tamp, bookcase, and spare drinking glasses to set up your very own bar. You can store the glasses on the shelves and display your fine wine and whiskey on top. If you happen to have extra seating, you can also place those on either side for your guests.

Entryway of home

Dress Up Your Entryway

In Feng Shui design, the entryway is extremely important because it’s where energy enters your home. If you haven’t already, give this area some much needed love by decorating it with a few household items like a framed photo or art piece, a spare bench, and a large houseplant. You can even dress up the bench with stacks of books you have cooped up in your room for an added touch.

Show Off Collectibles

Mixing old with new is a popular interior design trend that goes hand in hand with budget-friendly decorating because you can use what you already have. Head to your attic and rummage through those family heirlooms or your favorite collectibles and incorporate them into your home’s design. Antique decor is wonderful because it means something to you and gives your home character.

Give Glass Bottles New Life

Glass often gets tossed to the side and thrown in the recycling, but it can be given new life with a little creativity! Collect bottles, vases, or vessels in similar colors and display them as a collection on your mantle or dining room table. Look for bottles with interesting shapes and have each piece vary in size to create contrast. Add a floral touch with flowers in each vase!

Bring the Outdoors In

If you have a backyard full of outdoor decor, you may want to consider bringing some of that inside — especially during the winter months. Give garden stools and bistro seating a new purpose by incorporating them into your living room or dining room. This budget-friendly decorating tip will help your outdoor furniture last longer, while also giving the inside of your home a new look!

Remove Cabinet Doors

Open shelving is dominating kitchens across the country right now and you can make it happen in your home without spending hundreds of dollars. Simply remove your cabinet doors and touch up the inside shelving for a complete makeover that you’ll love! You can use this opportunity to repaint your cabinets and organize your dishware, so that the finished product looks stylish and tidy.

Accessorize Your Coffee Table

Does your coffee table have any decor on it besides TV remotes and coasters? If not, it’s time to decorate with what you have. Accessorize your table with hardcover books off the shelf to create an interesting tablescape. Plants, candles, and glass collections are other decor pieces that will make this statement table pop.

Fireplace filled with books

Fill Your Fireplace

For fireplaces that go untouched, take advantage of the space by filling it with budget-friendly decorating items like books, candles, vases, and potted plants. Arranging these items will bring interest and color to the space and give you the chance to display decor you normally wouldn’t. Make the most of this area when the holidays come around too!

Spice Up Office Supplies

Your office space doesn’t need to have a dull, corporate vibe to it. Help style the room by beautifying office supplies like file boxes and magazine holders with scraps of wallpaper or wrapping paper. Depending on your style preferences, you can choose designs with bold patterns and colors that bring vibrant accents to the room.

Display Your Kids’ Art

What better way to decorate with what you have then by displaying the most meaningful decor there is: children’s art. Frame their finger paintings and construction paper creations and hang them along your hallways or within other rooms of your home. Sculptures and other items can be used as shelf decor. This allows you to enjoy your kids’ creations rather than tucking them away in boxes.

Change Up Throw Blankets

Changing throw blankets is a great way to freshen up your space throughout the year. Grab blankets from your bedroom chest and drape them over your bed, couches, and chairs to give a subtle texture and color change. While you’re at it, you can switch out throw pillows to mix up the patterns and colors in each space, too.

Rearrange Your Furniture

One last tip for home decorating ideas on a budget is to make the most of the furniture sitting right in front of you! Sometimes all you need to do is rearrange your furniture to experience a wild transformation. When rearranging, keep in mind that furniture should be moved away from the wall and set into groupings. This makes the room feel larger and encourages conversation.

Reinventing your space is a fun and exciting process that doesn’t have to loosen your purse strings. Follow these 15 ways to decorate with what you have and enjoy the transformation while staying within your budget! For more budget-friendly home projects, take a look at our tips for organizing your kitchen.

Ghosts and witches and spiders, oh my! The spookiest time of the year is here which means your home needs a Halloween makeover. There’s no need to give your wallet a fright to make the kids scared at night! Get crafty with these budget-friendly DIY Halloween decor ideas.

Witchy Pumpkin

Plain pumpkins are great and all, but you can easily amp up the Halloween vibes with this witchy pumpkin project. A real or faux pumpkin and basic craft supplies will leave you with a fun piece of DIY Halloween decor. Transform your pumpkin into a scary, funny, or classic witch that greets guests at the door.

Spider Web Lamp

Create an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare with a spider web lamp. This DIY Halloween craft only requires a few materials and can crawl throughout your entire house. Play a prank on a family member and ask them to turn on the lamp to see their reaction!

Giant Eyeballs

Time to get some use out of those bouncy balls the kids don’t play with anymore! Grab some acrylic paints and create outdoor Halloween decor in the form of giant eyeballs. Make them as bloodshot as can be and scatter them around your front yard for some creepy lawn decorations!

Ghostly Antique Mirror

BEWARE: This spooky decor project involves fire, so you may want to leave the kids out of this one. Once you have the proper safety precautions on hand, you can turn a modern mirror into a Gothic glass piece you’d find in an old, haunted house. Place it above a table full of Halloween goodies to complete the look!

Clever Witch Planter

Who knew striped stockings and witchy shoes could create such a clever optical illusion in your garden? The little ones are guaranteed to get a laugh or two out of this clever witch planter!

Monstrous Chair

Ghouls, goblins, and monsters are the theme of this DIY Halloween decor idea. Transform your stylish seating into monstrous chairs that will certainly give you a fright, especially in the dark shadows of the night! Keep in mind that this project requires a little more craftiness, so make sure you have a couple of hours to spare.

Woman working on DIY Halloween decor

Startling Skull Lamp

Turn an ordinary table lamp into a creepy skull with foam, ribbon, black paint, and a few more supplies. Make it as ornate as you want by including faux roses, spiderwebs, and bones to create a beautifully creepy Día de Muertos look.

Black Cat Silhouettes

Superstition has made black cats a classic Halloween icon and this DIY Halloween craft brings them right to your house! Cut sheets of plywood into cat silhouettes to place on your porch or in your yard. You can even cut moon shapes for eyes and place battery-powered lights behind them for a glowing nighttime effect.

Scary Skull Centerpiece

Prepare for the ultimate Halloween dinner party with a skull centerpiece. Bleeding taper candles, spiders, skulls, and Spanish moss make this the perfect addition to your haunted dining table!

Spooky Soap Dispenser

Spooky decor doesn’t just belong on the front porch and in your living room. Bring Halloween vibes into your bathrooms as well with soap dispensers that keep an eye on you as you wash your hands. There’s nothing like a jar full of eyeballs to remind you it’s spooky season!

Deathly Tombstones

Transform your everyday yard into a graveyard with these easy-to-make tombstones. Carve out chilling symbols and messages for an authentic look or let the kids have fun with whatever designs they can think of. Post them up in the yard with a handful of glowing candles for hair-raising ambiance!

Chic Skeleton Plant

If you’re a major plant lover, this is the DIY Halloween decor you’ve been waiting for. Pick your favorite plant (ideally a small, leafy one) and pair it with a skeleton that matches in size. Spray paint the skeleton gold and weave it within the plant for a stylish Halloween piece.

Kids creating DIY Halloween crafts

Dreadful Draperies

Halloween is the only time of year when dreadful draperies are actually a good thing! Believe it or not, cheesecloth and black tea bags are the two main supplies you’ll need for this spooky decor. Once finished, hang them on your porch to create a spine-chilling entryway for visitors.

Wicked Candles

You can never have too many candles for the spooky season! Light up your home this Halloween with personalized candles you design yourself. Pick clip art designs of black cats and witches and paste them onto your candles with wax paper. Use a little heat and voila! You’ve got yourself some wicked candles for your mantle.

Mini Halloween Village

Get the kiddos involved and create a mini Halloween village with this simple indoor Halloween decorating idea! A variety of bird houses, dark paint, faux black branches, and mini pumpkins are all you need to bring this village to life — or death.

Now that you have 15 ideas for spooky decor, you can make the scariest Halloween decorations on the block! For more crafting ideas for the whole family, take a look at our top 10 DIY pet crafts.

There are many ways to cultivate a happy household, one of them being an ancient practice called Feng Shui. If you’re looking to refresh your home and improve the energy within it, follow this guide to discover more about Feng Shui design, its principles, and tips for creating a harmonious household.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui or “wind water” is an ancient Chinese philosophy that aims to strike a balance between elements and optimize the “Chi” or energy. The primary goal of Feng Shui is to create a positive energy flow that nurtures your physical and mental health, success, and relationships.

While this ancient philosophy can be practiced in many ways, it is most commonly used in interior design because the Feng Shui analysis can be easily applied to the home.

Five Feng Shui Elements

Now that you know what Feng Shui is and its ultimate goal, take a look at the five elements that drive Feng Shui design and how you can incorporate them into your home.

1. Wood

The first element is wood, which symbolizes growth and vitality. To put this element into practice, place wood items, such as plants, furniture, and wooden art pieces, in your house to encourage personal growth.

2. Metal 

Next up on the elements list is metal, which symbolizes logic and intelligence. To support your knowledge and mental sharpness, add this element to your space with metal decor pieces like light fixtures, tables, frames, and sculptures.

3. Earth

Earth is the third element that makes up Feng Shui design and it represents stability and balance. You can encourage these qualities by decorating your home with rocks, crystals, and landscape imagery like paintings and photographs.

4. Water

The fourth element is water, which symbolizes wisdom and serenity. Incorporating water into your home helps you find clarity and relaxation. Mirrors, reflective surfaces, and aquariums are the best items to use for this element.

5. Fire

Fire is the last Feng Shui design element and it represents passion, energy, transformation, and expansion. Use candles and red objects to bring the fire element inside your home.

Bagua map for Feng Shui design

The Bagua Map

Before you start implementing Feng Shui design, it helps to understand the Bagua map. The Bagua map analyzes energy in a given space and suggests which elements to bring into the space to enhance the flow or Chi. The map breaks down nine quadrants, or areas, of your home. Each quadrant has an element and color associated with it, which can help you choose your decor.

There is a traditional version of the Bagua map that uses compass directions for navigation and there’s a western interpretation of the map that is simply divided up into categorized squares. The map above combines both traditional and western elements to make it easier for you to interpret. Here is a breakdown of the nine quadrants and the Feng Shui rules that accompany them.


The northern quadrant of your home represents your career and life path, which is guided by the water element. For this quadrant, decorate with mirrors and crystals. Dark colors like black are also helpful for the energy flow in this space. Make sure to avoid earth items, piles of paper, and bright colors.


The northeast quadrant of your home symbolizes spiritual growth, education, and knowledge. It is guided by the small earth element and best decorated with books, meditation items, and mountain imagery. Try to avoid alcohol and distracting objects in this space.


The eastern quadrant represents health and family and is guided by the wood element. Follow Feng Shui rules by nurturing this space with family heirloom items, floral prints, and light colors. Keep the energy flow pure by avoiding metal items in this part of your home.


The southeast quadrant symbolizes wealth and prosperity and should remind you to be grateful for what you have. This part of your home is guided by the wood element and should be filled with valuable items, live plants, and artwork of people and places. Avoid trash cans, bills, bathrooms, and toilets in this area of the house.


The southern quadrant represents fame and recognition and is guided by the passionate fire element. This area of your home should highlight who you are as a person and who you wish to become. Tall, vertical, and red decor should be placed within this space. Anything that represents your achievements like diplomas and awards also enhance energy flow here. Follow Feng Shui rules by leaving out water items, heavy objects, and dark colors.

Compass for Bagua map


The southwest quadrant symbolizes love and marriage and is guided by the big earth element. Invite love and sensuality into this part of your house by decorating with candles, photos of you and your partner, and paired objects. Steer clear of sharp items, broken objects, and family photos.


The western quadrant represents creativity and children and is guided by the metal element. This space is meant to awaken your inner child, as well as improve the relationships between you and your children. Fill this area with games, toys, circular items, and earth items. Stay away from fire items, sharp objects, and items that block walkways.


The northwest quadrant symbolizes helpful people and is centered around valuing those that support you. Guided by the metal element, this quadrant should be decorated with round objects, tools for sorting, and black and white colors. According to Feng Shui rules, this area needs to be void of clutter, storage items, and objects representing compromise.

Feng Shui Tips for the Home

Once you master the five elements and the Bagua map, you are well on your way to becoming a Feng Shui design expert. As you begin organizing your home and incorporating new decor, consider these additional Feng Shui tips to further enhance the Chi in each room.

Add Plants

Plants are representative of the wood element, which is why you should definitely have at least a couple in your house — in the corresponding quadrants, of course. They help to purify the air and bring freshness and vitality.

Prioritize Your Entryway

The entryway of a home is key within Feng Shui design. It represents the way energy enters not only your home, but your life too. Make it as welcoming as possible by keeping it neat and tidy. Personalize with decor items and try your best to include storage pieces like shoe racks, coat hooks, and bins for rain gear, so that each item has its own home.

Plants and candles for Feng Shui design

Clear Clutter

A clean, clutter-free home is one of the most important aspects within the Feng Shui guide. Make sure to regularly clean all surfaces and cleanse the air with essential oils or candles. This helps bring clarity and harmony to the space.

Check Commanding Positions

Commanding position is yet another important principle of Feng Shui design and should be followed in every room of your home. To set up the command position in any space, place the main piece of furniture — a couch, desk, or bed — where you can see the door without being in a direct line with it. This Feng Shui rule aims to position you in the best possible place, so that you can deal with whatever comes into your life.

Let In Air and Light

Air is a crucial component of Feng Shui. After all, “Feng” means wind. You need to make sure your home gets proper air flow and natural light as this combination brings positive energy and rejuvenation.

While there are many more principles and rules within Feng Shui design, this guide provides a solid foundation for you to start enhancing the Chi within your home! As you begin tidying up your space to purify the energy flow, check out these living room layout ideas to make any space feel cozy.

Fall is just around the corner which means it’s time to transform your home from a summer oasis to a cozy autumn retreat. Whether your style consists of pumpkins and plaid or more modern autumn touches, there are plenty of ways to spice up your space for the coming season. Curl up on the sofa and gather inspiration with these 9 fall decor trends.

Autumnal Plants

One of the signature themes of autumn is burnt orange leaves and fall foliage, which is why this fall decor trend is perfect for your home. If you have a green thumb, try your hand at nurturing fall flowers like Chrysanthemum, Celosia, or Croton.

For a zero maintenance alternative, opt for faux plants that achieve the same look. Plants with traditional fall colors like yellow, orange, red, white, or even brown can be strewn throughout each room. Don’t forget to include these plants on your front doorstep as a festive autumn greeting!

Traditional Plaid

As each year passes by, plaid continues to dominate as a popular fall decor idea. There are countless ways to incorporate plaid into your home, so all you need to decide is how subtle or obvious you want it to be. Plaid blankets, throw pillows, table cloths, bedding, furniture, and even wallpaper are just a few ideas you can use to create a plaid palace or a modest plaid design.

Modern fall decor trend with white and gold pumpkins

Warm Metallics

When thinking of autumn decorations, metallics may not be the first idea that comes to mind, but they’re a big fall decor trend in the design world. Brass, copper, and gold add a touch of luxury to your home, while also grounding it with earthy fall colors. Whether it’s copper dinnerware, brass art pieces, or gold-gilded mirrors, you can’t go wrong by mixing these shiny metallics.

Layered Accessories

Autumn is all about warm and cozy vibes, so it’s no wonder layered accessories are a hit. Try maximalist style by layering accent pillows and blankets. Weave in plain, fall-inspired hues along with corresponding patterns to create contrast and depth. Not only will this fall decor trend add color to your home, but it will also keep you and your guests comfy as the cold weather begins.

  Fall decor trend with moody colors

Moody Colors

While bright yellows and burnt oranges work wonders for a classic autumn look, consider moody colors as well. Dark reds, deep greens, navy blues, and gold are gourd-geous fall colors that bring richness to your home. Set the mood with dark green candles and gold vases or get courageous with a deep red accent wall!

Faux Fur

Nothing says cuddle weather more than faux fur accessories! Soften up a modern room with a faux fur rug or throw a blanket over your sofa, bed, and dining room chairs. This adds texture to your home that is not only stylish, but practical as well! Offer up blankets to guests or enjoy a romantic date night on your faux fur rug.

Floral Accents

There’s no need to stress if you aren’t a huge fan of plants. You can still incorporate fall foliage into your home without getting the real deal! Floral accents on dinnerware, table cloths, paintings, and vases are a wonderful way to celebrate the season without filling your home with plants. Follow your fall color theme and you’re golden!

Fall decor trend with pumpkins

Pretty Pumpkins

You can’t decorate for autumn without including at least a few pumpkins here and there. Go traditional with bright orange pumpkins on the front porch or take a more modern approach. Pale pumpkin shades of orange, white, green, and gray are a great fall decor trend for any home. Metallic pumpkins (copper, gold, brass) are a new-age trend as well. Arrange them in different shapes and sizes, including at least three in a group.

Don’t be shy with placement either! Pumpkin decor can fit in anywhere. Fireplaces, dining room tables, staircases, countertops, and even kitchen islands are a handful of areas that can use some pumpkin pizzazz.

Velvet Furnishings

Incorporating velvet is a must if you love contemporary interior design with an old-school touch. Velvet furnishings are glamorous all year round, but they look amazing during the fall and winter months. Pick from your moody color palette or opt for vibrant fall colors like orange and mustard. Velvet drapes, duvet covers, pillows, and sofas are sample furnishings that make a style statement in any room.

From plaid to pumpkins and everything in between, you now have the inspiration to go decorate your home with these fall decor trends! If new furniture is on your decorating list, take a look at Fusion’s stylish selection of sofas and sectionals that fit any time of the year.

Whether it’s a large abstract art piece or small family photo, hanging wall art can be a tricky task. Opinions come into play and the obvious questions of location and placement hang in the air. While there is no strict right and wrong when it comes to decorating your own home, there are certain guidelines that can help you through the process. Learn some wall art wisdom with these wall decor tips.

Hanging Wall Art: The Why

Before diving into the “where” and “how” of hanging wall art, it’s important to know the “why” that drives each decision.

Choosing the Right Size Wall Art

When it comes to arranging wall art, size is everything. You should choose the size of the art based on the amount of wall space you have to work with. If you’re looking to decorate a stand alone wall, you can follow the popular rule of thumb that says artwork should take up four-sevenths of the wall on which it is placed. Start by measuring the length and width of the chosen wall, then multiply each measurement by .571 (four-sevenths as a decimal) to get the appropriate size.

If you’re hanging wall decor behind a piece of furniture, you can be a little more liberal with your measurements. Simply eyeball the wall art against the furniture and look to see if it’s close to two-thirds the size. The general rule is that the art should be slightly smaller in length than the object you’re placing it behind.

Couple hanging wall art

Hanging Wall Art: The Where

Now that you know about appropriate wall art sizes, you can move on to the finer details of placement and location. Deciding where to hang wall art can be tough with so many walls to choose from, but here are a couple of wall decor tips to give you a better idea.

Find the Focal Point of the Room

Before making any rash decisions, take the time to find the focal point of the rooms within your home. Focal points are the part of a room that the eye is drawn to first, which makes it the perfect spot for hanging wall art. An example would be a fireplace in the living room. Find these focal points, and you’ve got yourself designated spaces to decorate.

While focal points are important, don’t feel limited by them. You can still hang wall art in other areas of the home, but this is a great place to start.

Hang Close to Eye Level

Although interior designers usually recommend hanging wall art at eye level, there is a new school of thought that says the center of artwork should be placed closer to 57 inches from the floor. The reasoning being that every person has a different definition of what eye level is.

Deciding which school of thought you’re in is up to you, but remember, it’s just a general guideline. Go with your preference and feel out the space of the room. If you have high ceilings, feel free to raise your art slightly above 57 inches to fill up the space more evenly.

Women hanging wall art

Hanging Wall Art: The How-To

Once you have figured out the why and where of hanging your wall decor, it’s time to break out the hammer and nails to get it done. This is the part of hanging wall art that requires lots of patience and precision!

Rather than jumping straight into it, follow these steps to get a visual of the end product before it’s too late. Hanging wall art this way also allows you to do it alone, rather than with two people.

Step 1: Trace your wall art on a piece of paper.

Step 2: Cut out the tracing to use as a template.

Step 3: Make a mark on the template to show where the picture wire or hook will be by measuring out the same distance from the wire to the top of the frame.

Step 4: With the marked side facing out, match up the nail mark on your template to the nail mark on the wall and secure it in place with tape.

Step 5: Step back and take a look at the placement. Make adjustments as necessary and then you’re ready for the real thing!

Ideas for How to Arrange Wall Art

Depending on how many pieces you have, there are lots of options for how to arrange wall art. Depending on size, shape, and subject matter, you can group your artwork differently to achieve more or less balance. Get inspiration for your pieces by taking a look at these unique ways of arranging wall art.

Symmetrical Arrangement

Just as the name suggests, a symmetrical arrangement gives the wall art a visual balance that is uniform and consistent. This is a good option for pieces that are similar in shape, size, and subject matter. Place them over furniture collections or fireplaces to add depth to the focal point.

Keep in mind that a grouping of art pieces should be spaced no more than 6” apart, with 2” to 3” being optimum.

Asymmetrical Arrangement

Arranging wall art asymmetrically works best for pieces that have at least one element in common like color scheme or subject matter. You can stagger them by placing one lower than the other, or vice versa, to create an organic balance.

A wall decor tip to remember for these sorts of arrangements is to hang the largest pieces first and work from there. Don’t be afraid to group small with big, as well as vertical with horizontal. Combining pieces creates interest and energy.

Now that you know the why, where, and how of wall art wisdom, you can decorate your home with more confidence and expertise! Have fun with it and remember that these tips for hanging art are just guidelines, not steadfast rules. Be creative and do what you like best. Once you’re finished, learn how to measure furniture the easy way!